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Company Retirement Plans

Your Company Plan

A Retirement Plan Tailored for You

  • 401(k)? Profit Sharing?
  • Defined Benefit and Pension Plans?
  • SafeHarbor Plan?
  • SEP Plan?

What’s the right plan for my business? We work with you, side by side, to design the plan that attracts and retains employees, provides powerful tax advantages for your business and ultimately builds a road-map to a carefree and attainable retirement for you and your employees.

Quality Investments

We work with the finest investment firms to offer you and your employees many choices. With access to mutual funds from hundreds of fund families, exchange traded funds from multiple sources, highly rated retirement annuities and individual securities, your choices are almost limitless.

Dedicated Service

What sets apart the successful business from the competition? Outstanding client service. Working with your human resource supervisor or administration professional, we educate and enroll your employees. Then we stay in touch, attend to your employee needs so you can focus on what made you successful, growing your business.

If you are a Business Owner and maintain a company sponsored retirement plan, ask yourself the following questions about your financial adviser:

  • Do they help you understand your plan’s investment options?
  • Do they understand your company’s changing needs?
  • Do they analyze and offer strategies for improving your plan’s overall performance?
  • Do they conduct proactive check-ins with you?
  • Do they provide updates on retirement or 401k plan related topics?
  • Do they provide updates on industry and legislative news?
  • Do they help you understand your fiduciary responsibilities?
  • Do they help you understand your administrative responsibilities?
  • Do they offer day-to-day support?
  • Do they promptly answer your questions?
  • Do they educate your employees?
  • Do they assist your employees with retirement planning?

If your current adviser neglects any of these critical issues, Let’s Talk!

Precision Record-keeping

For larger plans, we partner with high quality ‘Third Party Administrators’ to insure that your tax filings and employee statements are accurate and timely. Many of these TPA’s offer automated record-keeping, HR outsourcing, online statements and ERISA Consulting.